Friday, October 2, 2009


What do you do when suddenly out of no where your child starts crying and kicking his/her feet on the floor for a whole hour just because they wanted juice before their supper? The child knows very well that he shouldn't have juice before supper.

The pressure starts to take over you, you feel the adrenaline raising up, you feel that your ears are about to explode, but you know that no matter what, you must retain your sensitive nerves because you are the adult. Then you think: Oh my God! What can I do? How can I manage this and still keep my nerves from blowing? How can I resist this irritating noise? God! I feel helpless, but I must find a solution, after all I am the boss. Sound familiar?

I had this situation just yesterday with my daughter. At some point I decided to close the to my kitchen and go to my room to take a few big deep breathes so I can deal with the situation effectively and calmly. I came back and let her cry out a few more minutes and than she just stopped and we were best friends again. She went back to being the most adorable wonderful mommy's little girl.

I must say that this experience is pretty tiring for my ears especially that I am a person who is extremely sensitive to noise. Well this is all part of being a mummy. Sometimes we get hugs and kisses and funny comments and other times well...TANTRUMS!!

How do you cope with your child's tantrums? I would love to hear your experience. You are welcome to leave comments in the box below. go to this website and sign up for my free offer.


  1. this is so true, it happens to everyone. I have a hard time with the tantrums sometimes and other times I do great with them. I just wish I could do great with them all the time.

  2. When my children used to throw tantrums or start whining, I came up with a sort of creative solution to the problem. I put on my "whine mufflers."

    You could actually use a pair of ear muffs, but in my case, I chose those massive ear protection gear you see people using on gun ranges. Anyway, I told my kids that when I put on my whine mufflers, I could no longer hear their whining or tantrums. (Of course I could still hear them clearly, but they didn't know that.) I would hum to myself and go about my work, while they continued whining or crying. Quite magically, when they realized that I "couldn't" hear their sobs and screeches and wasn't giving them the attention they desired, they stopped.

    At that instant, I would remove the earplugs and say, "oh, you must have stopped whining/crying now because I can hear you again!" Worked like a charm. :)


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