Thursday, October 15, 2009


I believed in You when I had sorrow,
I had Faith in You when I was joyful,
I believed in Your Power,
Hugging every breath,
Honoring every small success,
Yearning for my Dream,
Watering the seed,
Growing every Day,
Noticing and accepting every lesson you put on my plate,
Finally the plant grew and grew and it became
A beautiful flower shining in all its glory,
Showing its hidden pattels to the world
Holding its head High above,
Climbing yet another step towards the ladder of .... Success.
By Galit.
As I was cooking today, I was thinking to myself how important it is to have constant faith in the Universe. Believing blindly and unconditionally that the universe will bring us what we so much long for.

Sometimes obstacles come in our way and often times we almost want to give up, but suddenly the Artist within us, our superior knowledge, tells us in her soft voice: keep on going because when you believe, when you persist, you will eventually reach your goal. Sounds easy right? Well it isn't always because the Ego wants us to give up, telling us we are dreamers, that what we want to achieve is impossible, and unrealistic.
This is the moment we are confronted with a choice.Who do we listen to? We can listen to the Ego, but if we do, are we going to accomplish our goal, our dream?You probably worked very hard already towards that goal and you are advancing, maybe not as fast as you would like and expect to , but small things have perhaps started to manifest.

Personally, I choose to hear my Artist because she knows what is best for me. Recently, I listened to her, and the universe has delivered my gift, a wonderful one. As I realized how powerful keeping the faith is, I cried from joy because I knew that not only did I receive a gift, but that I was very strong to be able to do that. The trust and the assurance you put out there is very important in achieving the success you want.
Did you have a similar experience and how did it affect your life?

Dream, Believe, and Act is what shall bring you your desire, your dreams and happiness. That is the reason why having faith no matter what happens is so important.
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  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment so I knew you were there. I just read your blog on believing and having faith to continue to pursue your dreams! I loved it!! Very inspirational and came at the perfect time in my life! I will keep you posted, I do believe in my dreams.
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