Tuesday, July 22, 2014

3 Fearless Tips to becoming more Courgeous.

Today I saw the movie Karate Kid. I liked it very much. What I liked the most is that some of the messages were more powerful and beyond the fight.
I loved the part towards the end when the kid wanted to continue fighting because he wanted to vanquish his fear. It is what I have spoken about many times. When you are afraid of something simply vanquish it by doing what you are afraid of.  When you face your fear you diminish the power of your Ego. Did you know that 60% of fears never happen? Fear is an illusion our mind forms. For instance when you fear darkness? Why do you fear it? What are you afraid of? Many kids are afraid of the dark because they believe there are monsters under the bed. Are there really monsters under the bed?

74% of people are afraid of public speaking. I interviewed numerous people and I discovered that most people are afraid to speak in front of the crowd for the following reasons:

1) Fear of being judged

2) Fear of forgetting your lines

3) Feeling uncomfortable being the center of attention

Do any of these fears ever happen? Here is the thing some people may like your speech because they relate to it and the subject interests them and some may not because the subject does not interest them or other reasons. Can you please everyone? No. I suggest don't even try. The most important part is how do you feel about it. When I give a speech I set the following intention and it is to inspire at least one person in that room and motivate one person to take at least one small action to turn his life around.

You are scared about forgetting your lines? What can you do to prepare yourself to the best of your abilities? Preparation is key to delivering an excellent speech. I remember every time I took the time to plan my speech and than give myself a few days to practice my speeches were very good. When I was taking too many speeches more than I could handle my speeches were not that great. Preparation and practice are key to delivering a good speech you are proud of.

Did you know that you can vanquish a fear through your dreams? When I was in University, I remember doing research just about this subject and one of the things that I have discovered is that indeed you can vanquish fears through dreams. In fact the Natives are the ones who are strong believers in the power of dreams especially when it comes to vanquishing fears.
It is interesting that I had a dream about it about a week ago. I dreamt that someone wanted to come and attack me, in fact a bunch of people. I remember seeing these people in other dreams. I was afraid to open the door. But someone rang my door and all I remember is that I opened the door just slightly and I saw them just downstairs. I locked my door upstairs. When I did that there was a voice telling me in my dream that I have just vanquished FEAR. These people in my dream were representing a fear I had and by closing the door they vanished. The lesson I learned is that I have closed a chapter about a certain fear I had. I felt victorious at that moment, I felt like a winner and I felt so proud. Suddenly a sense of security and relief surrounded my being.
If you can remember your dreams thus you also can overcome some fears you have during a dream.

Fear is an important factor in self-confidence. People who suffer from low self-confidence suffer greatly from fears such as fear of making mistakes, fear of not being good enough, fear of being rejected and most of all fear of not being loved. Fear is one of the biggest obstacles in feeling more confident. Fear is what creates self-sabotage. Just when you are close to reaching your goal you might hear the little voice in your head that says: "You don't have enough experience, you don't have enough knowledge to have that promotion, to take that next opportunity, to have more money, more success,  and a better partner. Being aware of this fear or fears can help you find ways to overcome it. My life lesson to you today is be fearless. Get out of your comfort zone and take at least one step you are ready to take now to overcome your fear. Once you start being courageous you will start growing the stem of your flower and allow the sunshine to get in even if there is darkness. Even one ray of light can change a lot in your life.