Monday, July 20, 2015

6 Easy Solutions To Double Your Motivation

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Throughout my experience coaching, many people have come to me and said that they know what to do to get motivated, but that they have trouble applying their personal tools. You know what you need to do to find more time in your day, but you have trouble putting it into your schedule. For a while you may feel really motivated and schedule your time, but then you fall back into old habits. You feel angry with yourself and frustrated. As a consequence, you end up doing nothing.

So, how do you gain and maintain your motivation? Don't despair! I have 6 Easy Solutions To Double Your Motivation.

6 Easy Solutions To Double Your Motivation:

1) Maintain A Favorable Mindset. Doing some important vibrational routines everyday, can help you maintain your motivation. When you feel energized and you think positively, it helps you feel more motivated than when you have negative thoughts about yourself and life situation.You may know this, except you might still have trouble following through. What can you do? Look at what is preventing you from taking action and following through with what you planned. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

a) What particular thoughts come in when you start to schedule your time? Write your thoughts down, as this will increase your awareness. Being aware and knowing what is happening in your mind, can help you gain control over it.

b) What happened in your childhood every time you tried to take an action? Is there a particular incident you remember? These questions can help unveil the false belief that is preventing you from taking action. Once you discover what it is, you can tackle it, and focus on finding a solution.

c) Are you going through a tough time in your life right now? If yes, think of what can you do to nurture yourself a little. Write down some ideas.

d) What thoughts can bring you closer to your goal? Write down some positive thoughts about yourself. For example.  I am kind.  I am a hard worker.

2) Take Time To Recharge And Rest. If you have been working very hard, you may simply need a break to recharge and rest. It's important at this point to listen to your body and mind and stop for a while. It is alright to take time off. Once you give yourself permission to do so, you will notice that you feel more energized, stronger, and that your mojo comes back. Every time I have taken a break, I have felt my creative juices return. My energy level would be elevated, and I would be ready for action again! Sometimes we tend to force ourselves to work. The more we do that, the more resistance we receive from our body and mind. This is when it is time let go, and allow ourselves to shift gears for a while.

3) Sick Family Members: Some of you may have sick family members that require your attention. This situation makes it more challenging to find time for yourself and your projects. The only way to help that family member and yourself,  is to delegate and ask for assistance from other people or from specific organizations. It is not easy for most people to do this, and it takes great courage. This is necessary, however, if you want to move forward yourself.

4) Integrity: Make a promise to yourself. When you make a promise to yourself, you are more likely to follow through and keep your promises to others as well. Doing this also helps you develop a strong work ethic.

5) Eliminate Worry: Worry can be something that can take away a lot of your energy. Worrying about reaching your goals, failing, not being good enough, and worries about personal life issues, can demotivate you. This is something that is difficult to tackle, but not impossible. I am the queen of worriers. It has been in my family for many years. My mother worries, my father used to worry, and my husband worries. Other family members are worriers too. What I do is focus on what I desire, and take the necessary actions in order to complete my goals. Of course, like any other human being, I have my moments where the "worry talk" can be very real. At these moments, I take a break from what I am doing, and let go. Another way that is effective is journaling. Writing down your thoughts in a journal helps release those negative feelings that hold you back.

6) Exercise: When you exercise, you feel more awake and energized. Find something that you enjoy doing such as walking, sports, or aerobics/dancing.

In using the above tools, I am confident that nothing can stop you from taking action. A strong will and an organized plan can bring you far! All you have to do is be ready! Start forming good habits of work now, and you are on the right path!

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Monday, July 13, 2015

The Black Octopus

One day I had a dream. In fact, it was a nightmare about a black Octopus who was following me in my living room.  I tried to run away from it, hide, but the black Octopus was following me everywhere. It was very ugly, huge, and extremely annoying. I am the kind of person who pays close attention to dreams, because I believe that they contain important messages about ourselves and our lives. Our spirits send us important messages through our dreams. This is another extraordinary way to be aware of what is happening in your subconscious, as long as you can remember them. There are also many books that explains how dreams are related to your soul.

Every time I have a dream, I tend to consult a special dream dictionary. I am a very curious person, and I don't feel calm until I find the answer and the meaning to my dream. Therefore, I searched the dictionary for the significance of this dream. I discovered that the Black Octopus is a sign of someone who is controlling you. This gave me the inspiration to write this blog post. But the Black Octopus is not about people controlling you, but rather how our Ego, which I have now decided to call The Black Octopus, is controlling our thoughts daily.

For a very long time I was in a high vibrational state. Recently however, I started having some health issues, and my vibration has been lowered because of the pain and the inability to move as easily as I once did. The fact of having to stay home and depend on others to help me has not been easy for me. I am usually a pretty active person taking massive action. So now my mind has started wandering and thinking negative thoughts, which in turn is affecting my feelings. These thoughts are so strong, that even doing my regular spiritual work does not seem to be helping as much as it usually does. In addition, I have a sensitivity to cloudy weather. My mood changes drastically influencing my vibration. I am the kind of person who needs a lot of sun.

The lesson for me in all of this, is that there is still unresolved emotional pain I need to deal with. Sometimes, it is simply important to give space to that  pain and sit with it. Not long ago I read a book by Debbie Ford called: The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers. She mentioned this very same thing. Throughout my experience, I am finding she is right. The more I resist the pain, the longer it lingers, and the Black Octopus stays feeling pretty happy making me feel pretty miserable. Sitting with it and allowing it to be here, is having the courage to face my little dark shadows.

 I always try to look at the gift and the lesson of my experience. I believe that in my case, there are 3 important elements happening at the moment to help me grow.

Here are the 3 Important Elements Helping Me To Grow:

1) I feel some negative energy is being cleared because I am doing some special release work.

2) I believe my 3rd eye is growing. This might seem weird to some of you, but I noticed that I get into this mood when my intuition is becoming stronger. It is alright if you don't believe in that. Each of us is different.

3) I am receiving new awareness about situations in my life that have been laying dormant in my subconscious until now.

As the week passes, I am starting to have some awareness about taking responsibility for some personal issues in my life. One of these issues is the way I communicate with family members. I am learning that I have the tendency to be very bossy. I am having a hard time dealing with this. It is not easy for me to see this side of myself. I am also aware that because I am sick, I fall into the "victim mentality" role, and that this repels some people. Even if we are experts or coaches ourselves, our lives are not always perfect. If they were, we wouldn't be able to help others. There are times in our lives when we feel a down period as well. I am noticing it happens to me after I have been in a very high vibrational state.

What are you learning from your experiences when you have such a period of time? How do you cope with it? What learning do you gain from such experiences? Every time I have such a time, I use gratitude, and I try to see the gift in all of it if I can. When I do, the  lessons are revealed to me.

We all have times when we may feel sad angry or any other feelings that put us in a unhappy mood and this when we can take the time to look at our darkness, introspect and see the richness even in those parts we don't like about ourselves and life. Even these moments are necessary to our growth as much as positive thinking. After all we are not born to be perfect, we are born to be human. I am glad to share with you these moments and my intention is to help you reflect on your own and see your inner beauty even in the flows and challenges of life and most of all see the gift and the benefits even if it can be hard.

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