Tuesday, October 20, 2009


You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is look in the mirror and start looking at all the parts of your body you wish you could change.
You look at the TV and you see all those beautiful perfect woman and say to yourself, well why don't I look like that? I have a cellulite here, a big tummy here, too much fat there. What if fashion was different? What if we would be shown women that are less than perfect? I am sure that we wouldn't be so complexed about how we look right?
Do you think that these women really look so perfect? After listening to many shows, observing these woman, reading about beauty, I realized especially after the Gwyneth Palttrow interview on the Oprah show that it is all an illusion. These woman work very hard to look this way and in most cases they do have plastic surgery. They are not completely natural. They get dressed in a way that will advantage their body, they have special makeup and a million ways to hide all the imperfections so we the viewers will be convinced that they are the image of perfection when in fact they are not, they are really just like all the rest of us. Without all the treatments, they have a belly, cellulite, hair and many other imperfections. All they did is find ways to hide it. Disappointed? Relieved?

It just reminds me of another fact, that even the barbies our children play with are made perfect. really, what kind of values does society teach us?

Women especially are often concerned about losing weight. We are always in search of the perfect diet. But what is really the perfect diet? Often times you think it is your genes, you were made this way and so forth. Is weight loss really about the physical or is it more? In my opinion, as long as you lack self-love, the longer the fat will stay with you. You see, your body is sending you a message about how you really feel about yourself and unless you heal that part of yourself, the weight will still stay on. How many women risk their health in order to lose weight? When you lose it, then you have to work hard to maintain it. What if I told you that there is another way, a psychological kind of way to solve that problem? How patient are you willing to be?

With time I have realized that when I take my time and lead a healthy style and concentrate on the things I love, the weight gradually disappears. When you grow as a person, when you feel good about yourself, your body doesn't need to keep that fat anymore. Look within yourself to find what it is that make you gain wight, and what is the lesson in that experience.

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