Wednesday, November 4, 2009


When I went to Las Vegas I met a dancer who gave us a tour at the backstage of a show. I was fascinated by this tour. This woman showed us the backstage and explained to us every detail. What I loved most is that she was so friendly, warm, pleasant and seemed very confident.

This woman was so passionate about what she has showed us and her love for dancing was so vivid and honest. I mean you can see when someone really loves what they do by the way they talk. You can feel someone enthusiasm right away and that is the vibration that attracts what you want into your life.

This dancer was very knowledgeable about her profession. I am so grateful and happy to have had the opportunity to see that.

It is something that I dreamt of all my life and having such an opportunity is a dream come true. I must admit that many of my dreams have come true this year because I started believing they can come true.

Again I realized the power of following your passion and how happy it can make a person and transmit this happiness to other people as well. When I left that theatre I felt such a peaceful warm feeling inside and I will never forget that dancer and the tour.

If she is reading this post, I wish her all the best and to continue to follow her passion because that is what makes her happy and gives her a good vibration and love which she automatically transmits to others. I also want to take the chance to thank her again for teaching me so much about how things go backstage. Thank you! :)


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