Thursday, October 15, 2009


As WAHM we have a lot on our plate and sometimes it can get stressful and difficult. Please note that what I am writng here are my personal observations and not information that I have taken out from stastics. I only mean to express my personal opinion and observations in this blog. Please take into consideration that I am human, and not perfect. :) So are you!

What is your challenge as a work at home mom? My challenge is to balance work with family. As mothers we often have to make many sacrifices especially when we work at home because we have to please our family as well as please our customers.

Often we feel overwhelmed with the amount of work we have and struggle to find some time to care for ourselves. It is a choice we have made. We enjoy what we are doing yet some days we don,t know how to cope with our long endless to do list.

Many times I think to myself, well, how am I going to find the time to complete my business to do list while I also have to cook, clean etc.? Sometimes I wish I didn't have to do all that. I wish I could just focus on my work because I love it. So going back to what I said, I love what I do and yes I do wish I could drop the housework and do my work. I can spend hours writing and talking on the phone coaching people and helping others have a fulfilling life. After all it is all about being human. Sometimes we feel good and others time we feel bad, we have super duper times and yucky times, what can I say.

What is your challenge as a work at home mom?

Than a family member comes and tells you well do this and do that, well after all you are at home you have all the time in the world! And than you think to yourself: Really, only if you knew how long my to do list is, you would not say that. :)

I noticed that many people still don't understand that as WHAM, we really work, that our job is a legitimate job, but we just don't do it from an office and that it is like being in an office. The only difference is we do not leave the house. Most of us if not all of us do that in order to have more family time.

As I was thinking about the issue this morning, I started to think about the fact that since we have joined the workforce, we do more than men. We always have 2 jobs, taking care of the house and our job.

Did you notice that even though we are working, we are still doing our traditional roles. Some weekends I go to an indoor park with my family and who do you think takes care of the kids? Mostly the women. What I noticed is that most of the parents who run around and supervise their kids are the mothers. Who is the one who cooks supper in your house? Who is the one who is doing 90% of the housework? The question that I am pondering on is why is it that we are able to do that and some men still aren't doing so? Why do we do this? Does it mean we are stronger, more resistant? Anyway, today I had these thoughts. I just want to say that I don't mean to be judgemental of men, and I know that there are men out there that are doing their share, but there are still some who don't and I am wondering why?

Perhaps we have to be more firm. Perhaps we as women are not firm enough. If your partner will offer to do more, will you let him? Do you still feel that you must do those traditional roles? how do you feel about it? How do you cope?

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