Friday, March 12, 2010


A lesson that I have learned recently is why do many of us chase success. We want success in any form. We are hungry for it, we crave it, we dream about it and we taste it every minute of our day. Why? Why do we chase success? Why do we want to have success so much? What is missing in our lives?
Did you ever think why do you need it? What does it bring to your life? One day not long ago I suddenly decided to explore these very questions. Almost all my life I have been taught that success is important in our lives What I do think is that it has to come from a very deep place within ourselves.

What I have learned recently is, that in my personal view, it is more than just success. In order to attain success as Joe Vitale says, we have to be in a state of not needing it. I believe that when I did this journey search I have become aware of some things that I never came upon before and I would like to share it today with you.

What I have found might shock you. We chase success many times because we are looking to fulfill something we believe we lack and because we want to feel loved and appreciated by others.

Let's look at the first part of fulfilling something we believe we lack. I know someone who all her life believed that she is incompetant and she was chasing success because she wanted to fill in that void. She thought that if she gains success than she will feel competant. She didn't know it in the beginning, it took her a while to figure it out.

What happens is that the more she feels that way, the more she will recieve what she is afraid of because the way she percieves herself will reflect on the outside. What she has learned is that she has to accept that she is this way and afterwards change the perspective into one that empowers her, meaning feeling competant. When I talk about competance I am refering to professional competance. Feeling that you are excellent at what you do, that you know you are excellent at it.

The second part is feeling loved and appreciated by others. Success can bring outside appreciation, but it won't last for long unless the person feels self-appreciation and self-love. It all comes from a very deep level, from the supreme self. Feeling good  about who you are first and than others will automatically feel it and start acting towards you in a more positive way. 

Success is self-growth and learning constantly what is really important in our lives and being able to appreciate the present moment. Seeing life as a learning process and dealing with obstacles well in the best way we can.

I hope that through this post i have given you a different perspective about success and that success will come to us when we least expect it too and when we don't feel the need for it. Let the Universe surpise you and be grateful for every little surprise.

Galit Lazar
Life Coach
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